UH-60 Black/Green Hawk

Blackhawk. This was 90% livey’s and 10% mine because I helped with tail and rotors. We edited the chip so that its very stable when flying and you can stand inside it while moving slowly.

Picture time and there will be a vid once ZombieDawgs decides to upload.












Lots of pics :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw this last night… it’s fucking HAWT.

That was quick :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great but the scale is a bit off.

It could use some more detail in the back, but other than that it’s pretty good.

Boxyness makes it look more like a Huey if you ask me, but its pretty well detailed either way. I like it.

it looks like you crapped scale at some points. I mean, I’ve never actually flown in a black hawk but I’d never thought they were that huge inside, cause I don’t think you’d have like 80 cm from the pilots seat to the cockpit wall or whatever. It just looks really wide or something. Still p nice. also, didn’t Livey or whatever his name is register to this forum? cause I thought he did, and if he did, my question would be, why are you posting this…?


also, stop using the nodex image instead of typing nodex, it makes you look like an idiot

It’s okay, bit boxy. Using it to promote a server is a bitch move and nobody is going to join to see this.

well… i have to say apart from the top comment these are slightly dissapointing. I tried my hardest to stop the “boxyness” aNd i am sure if you saw it in game that it looks much more realistic. the sise might be slightly off but there is NO way that the sise is way off the real thing. It is almost perfect, anysmaller would mean that players couldent stand which ruins the fun of this helicopter. Also… About the Cobra Edberg, there is no way in Hell that your one is more realistic, we spawned your version to compare and from what I saw wasn’t too pritty =P. Yours is over twice the width of a cobra and talking about attension to detail, your jets are headcrab canisters and you have a wheel for your back rotor.


You can’t compare old contraptions with new ones, gmod is evolving to quickly. I have a tendancy to make things to small but scale is not totally important seeing as game scale is off anyhow.

Tell Dohner that then because thats exactly what he did.

i would have kept out of their, infact i didn’t know he had even made a cobra untill kee wee said that he commented saying that his was more realistic and had more detail. G mod is evolving quikly but the time scale makes no difference if he said it was better =p

Yeah but it doesn’t stop the fact that it’s still boxy, and I never said that mine was better. Regardless the cobra is over a year old.

well… What the fuck has that got to do with anything?

Also, I guess its cause the cockpit is so huge or something.

See, i have been playing gmod for years, why can’t i do soemthing as cool as this? :frowning:

Lol, thanks for the nice comments, yeah I do see it as boxy. But if it wasn’t boxy… If would be way too curvey. I did try before hand but it looked really terrible. And sorry I brought the Cobra up in the wrong chat. Kee-Wee lied about you saying it was better D=. Sorry about that comment.

The people who have seen this s far have loved it. So I hope that you lot don’t mid its Boxyness. Oh and the tail isnt boxy. Just the body. the Tail is mentally curvy and was the hardest bit. Anyway, hope to see more comments =3

Also Will the Conqueror has recorded the Cobra in action, and is also hopefully tomorrow, film the Black Hawk too. It will be on You Tube some time soonish, probably next week. I will post a link when its finished. Warning, this video may contain violence that is inappropriate for people under the ages of 16. And random terrorists.

looks good, but is too large and a bad color.

Nodex is shit.


I honestly thing that promoting your server is a cool move. If people want to see the copter in game, they can just join the server. I would have done the same thing. I’m always trying to find ways to promote my youtube account and my blogspot so more power to you if you see people on your server who want to see the helicopter.