UH-60 Blackhawk and OH-6 Little Bird

I know FloaterTwo just released this StealthHawk from Black Ops 2, but are there any good models of these, preferably ragdolled? Like they just seem like pretty basic vehicles but I’ve never seen them around.

There’s an AH-6 & an MH-6 in an old MW2 model pack and a UH-60 in a CoD4 model pack, but all of them look like chunky anus and they’re also just props. There’s an AH-6 and a UH-60 in WAC, but these aren’t ragdolls either and the UH-60 is covered in texture errors.

Those are the only ones I know of.

Well that’s what I meant, I’ve used Tsaudrl/however the fuck you spell his usernames’ MW2 stuff, but they’re just so outdated. Also I did my once every 5-year GMod purge so I don’t even have them anymore.

You could try porting the model from BF2:PR, that one looks better than the default BF2 UH-60. Unless someone else knows of a different UH-60 model, those are the only readily available models to use.

-snip, it was a Huey-

If we’re talking about just the models, DCS world has a nice one. Would need to be ported though

Skaarj’s been working on a pimped out CoD UH-60. Not sure about the progress though. Probably he just didn’t release it for some reason. I’ll talk to him, it’s most likely finished.