Uh..go tango sweep formation.


Just some men sweepingthrough a building. Thisis V2 of another picture from Esionage thread V2 with Bluetooth.

Roger blue parrot you are alcohol marijuana, good luck.

Hah wow. Does that mean you like it?

flamenco down

Butt-winged Crocodile en route. Prepare your anus.

Not a too shabby picture, although you should put the SDOF in the back, not so it covers the characters.

Bit of clipping with the MP5’s trigger guard, which also blocks out half of the asian’s face (which in a picture that focuses on the characters so much should not happen).

Good angle, although there’s a little WES (Wonky Elbow Syndrome). It’s definitely a sound screenshot, and I agree with Viper. Don’t cover the characters; he’s doing something with his mouth, it could be important.