"Uh...I think he noticed me."


wow, that’s pretty good. I like the snow, nice touch. good posing too.

That’s dust.

Now some SAS dude appears and kicks the ass out of those zombies!

The image is nice, I first thought that it was Gm_urbex because of those litle white dots, but then I realized it was in vacant. I like the posing too

Well, i don’t like it as much now then :stuck_out_tongue: looks to big to be dust imo.

Sexy models + good composition, would’ve been even hotter with some light coming in from the window.


It looks pretty darn nice, but … is that vacant? O.o

Yes, here’s the link:

Holy shit! Thanks

sigh their not zombies. They die from getting shot anywhere, they don’t bite you, they don’t EAT you, AND the developers themselves use the term “Infected”, they are not undead, they are not zombies.

Good work. I like it.

Then what’s that woman in the background doing to that corpse?

And they look zombie-y enough to be used as zombies in a zombie-themed pose. Nowadays ‘super-rabies’ means zombies in the game/movie industry.

Good zombie Pose