"Uh.. sir, we got some company!"

Phew, these new boards are slightly slow.

Though the new look to it all is pretty sexy.

First pic I’ve done in a loooong time, barely any editing in PS. Little colour touch ups and such :smiley:

Woooo, why is the image so small?

I would like some C&C if ya don’t mind, and I tried to keep the black bars to a minimum!

Pretty good stuff.

I imagine it’s just another picture with zombies, so fair enough comment. Thanks.

I like the lighting.

Nice. I like the whole dark feel to it. I don’t think that zombie should be holding an axe though.

Maybe they’re smart zombies? Regardless, it’s a good pose, although I don’t think the axe-wielding zombie is holding that axe right. Doesn’t look like he’s gripping it at all.

But apart from that, it’s ok.

They really don’t like bending their arms :<

A bit too much noise? Otherwise it’s great.

Too much noise? :unsmith:

I put it at like .80 D: