"uh.. what is that I ran over...?" Some civ looks and talks over a runover guy


Ugly aint it

Really cool, but what is that thing he ran over?!

He ran over a Camo-Suit sniper, apparently… It looks like a pile of leaves, but also like a guy, so naturally, that’s what it is.

That sniper was going to kill the President, too. So by running over that guy, Billy saved America!

That guy is looking like “Hey why the fuck did you ran on my way!”.

Stupid ghilles, don’t walk on roads!

that ghillie deserved it for killing me oh btw,


Yeah indeed, ghilles fail

Come on you have to wait for the walk sign to show!

:smiley: Poor ghillie.

The lighting is absolutely terrible. Some of the most unrealistic and dumb i’ve ever seen.

Looks like he hit a tree =/

His name is chuckles, chuckles the cheat. (gmod idiot box)



neighboors bushes

Too much camo? lol