UH when i go on site it does not show anything just the links to the fourm but not the game

Soi went on the site and all i see is the background and links to fourms help me please?i don’t know if the server is still down or just me. soon as i get an answar i will close the thread

I think you need register first
but you need beta key to register

You need to log in.

Also you bought glod to get a key. lol

If you see nothing but the background and the links you are either using

If you are using with www. and get the error, try it without the www.
If you are not using www. and get the error, try using www.

clear your cookies, fixed it for me.

It makes me giggle a bit on the inside as well.

The funny part is that these people kill to get the game, then hate it due to the speed hackers.

What’s even funnier is that this game is so early in development practically everything except the concept will change. It’s such an early build and aesthetically it’s not very attractive either… and yet…

thank you guys for the help i’ve been waiting for days thinking the game was still updating lol