Uh... where's the sex pose megathread?

Hey, I just noticed the Sex Pose Megathread disappeared, I guess it got deleted.
If so, why? Did it reach the post limit (then, why not just lock it?)? Some kind of new rule we’re supposed to know?

Please keep the old debate about sex poses away from here.




Let this thread die and post in the new one

Oh, sex pose megathread, I miss you. :Dawkins102:

I was wondering where it went as well…

Damn,where the hell has it been? man, I was about to post one of my stuff until I realized…its gone. T_T

I’d like to say “thank God for that” but I’d rather it was locked up in its own thread than out here with our stuff.

That’s pretty much what will happen if the mods decided to definitly get ride of this thread. There will be a Sex Pose spam all over again…

Maybe they are making a new area for these things to go. I hope…

Well that’s something … :rolleyes:
Everbody denies his/her visits to it and pretends to be annoyed with its pure presence but as soon as the SPMt dissapears:




Can’t someone just start a new one?

I haven’t been in that cesspool since my brother last came home from uni and demanded to see the thread so he could have a good laugh.

Well, I never criticized the Sex Pose Megathread, those poses are pretty fun and even hot sometimes.

Was some sick stuff there, but some nice pics to. Some down right clever.

Since the old one got DELETED, we don’t know if the mods want a new one or not.

Nice to see our seven moderators are reacting quickly to this…

… oh wait.

Well if we create one and get banned we’ll know. Or wait for an admin to explain…

Like The Zelda pinup thread… Oh god.

They propably sit at home and laugh themselves to death because about this whole conversation, about the Why’s and If’s. It almost gets to the level of Facepunch-Conspiracies.

Well hey, means you guys can post outside the threads and in the main section :stuck_out_tongue:

You have opened Pandora’s Box.

And brought the choas along.