Uhm.. fps help?

**Hey guys, im new 2 facepunch.

Okay, recently, i´ve made a GIANT WTF FACE

I played in ctf_2fort in gmod, and i had 10 fps! ._.

Here are my sys specs:

HD Radeon 5670 (1g GDDR5)
4g Ram
Win 7
2.6ghz x2

I tried putting all things on low quality, but 10 fps again.
I need HELP D:

Thanks, anyway.

  1. Why did you bold everything?
  2. What does the “giant WTF FACE” have to do with this?
  3. What are your addons?

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Also, bumping a thread that is less then 24 hours old is frowned apon

If I recall there are some minor issues for some players that launch TF2 maps via Gmod.

Ensure all your drivers are up to date.

Off topic: who cares about bumping so blargg

On topic: while playing on that map monitor your fps and cpu usage, it could be something just not agreeing with your game happens to me in BC2 but all i did was have to exit out of a background task, because i play tf2 maps on gmod for machinima making and its good for me.

You forcing something? Maybe some AA In Catalyst?

Oh sorry, i didn´t see the answers. Thanks, i´ll try now,

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Okay, My fps are now 30-50. Buy when i record, 11 D: