UI Bug, please help!

When I’m in-game in Rust, when I press ‘I’ I have my inventory, and everything but some of my UI isn’t there, like the bars at the top and my ‘hot bar’ and also when I click on an item to craft, it doesn’t tell me what I need for it or anything like that.

When I press ‘I’, I see this, nothing except for the chat, the inventory, and what I can craft. My food or anything like that isn’t at the bottom right hand corner like it should be.

Here’s the screen when I press ‘E’ to loot something.

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Anyone? D:

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Buuuuump please.

  1. Don’t bump its not cool.
  2. This is a known problem with integrated graphics cards. What are your system specifications?

EDIT: Also this was posted on the bugs forum quite a bit. Look around before you post please!

i7 Quad 3.4GHz, 10GB RAM, AMD Radeon 6770 … not integrated…

Yeah I have no idea what it is then. :confused: You can check here and see if there is a solution available:

I rolled back my Video Card and it fixed everything.

Nice! Have fun playing!

Hi there what vertion did you roll back to