UI feature request which may already be in development.

In the current GUI, which I fully understand is under constant development and is WIP, you can’t equip clothes by dragging them onto the player model, you can only equip clothes by dragging them into an item slot. I think it would be far more user friendly and convenient to be able to simply drag and drop equipment onto your player doll (like Morrowind) alongside the current system as well.


Good idea.

i liked! maybe you can equip via double click? not only armors but weapons, tools and medkits too, it will be very easy and fast.

->Double click on weapons or tools replaces your corrent slot (1,2,3,4,5 and 6).
->Double click on medkits make you use them.
->Double click on armors just equipe them.
->Double click on loot item, just put in your iinventory.

I agreed with all your ideas except this one, the intensity of looting while in combat wouldn’t be maintained with any sort of instant loot mechanics. The awkwardness of maintaining speed while drag and dropping under pressure is one of the skills of full loot pvp games which should stay in my opinion.

its true, the time for looting is part of the mechanic of rust, more loot needs more time to take all items… and this can be your death…

If there are any layers, it would be kinda hard to drag a t-shirt out from under the hoodie. (Velcro?) The issue would arise only seldomly, and a small button that opens the “box view” would fix it, allowing for the more sexy drag-and-drop method.