UI Lag fix! Ah yiss!


Now to go test.


Awesome! Appears to be a lot better on my end!

After testing for a while on the most recent client update (2014-09-02_14-39-08) and server version (2014-09-02_19-19-53) I still appear to be getting lag after about half hour in game.

Looking at my CoherentUI_Host process, the memory gets to about 350 MB at half hour (and only at around 50 MB on initial client load).

edit - aaand we have a new client and server version which just came out… testing now.

Rustafied how many updates do you get a day ?

it’s just your client build is old there has been 3 updates today since that build.

Have you opt’ed to beta in your steam rust game settings. if not you will not receive as many updates in a day.

Although it seems to perform better when walking around and building, accessing the inventory moving items around is still affected.

Even tho UI got better, after a while of playing it is back where it was before. Laggy, moved items jump back or dissappear untill the UI is opened again etc … :confused:

I intentionally haven’t opted in to the beta so that my client updates are in sync with the majority of other experimental players.

Also, the memory usage today is a lot better! My CoherentUI process is staying down around 50 MB. The UI still lag’s a bit like Nazca says, but it is no longer gradually getting worse and worse till it grinds to a halt.

i still dont understand why they chose to use html for the ui in the first place. html is extremely slow as it is