UI media querys (darkmode, screensize)

Will it be possible to use @media queries, for example prefers-color-scheme (for dark/whitemode) or to access the screensize to make improvements to the UI on different screens?


While screen size can probably be queried using other means, it’d be very useful to have an idea of the user’s DPI to avoid tiny UI on retina displays.

I’m not sure actually how pixel units are handled in Garry’s CSS framework, if it’s just plain screen pixels or it actually depends on the DPI as it does in web browsers, and what CSS units are available for use in general, would be cool to know something about this as well.

Small addition:
A prefered color scheme would be really nice. Look at this mockup I just throw together:

Example ingame

This seems like something that could easily be done using C# in combination with CSS, but native support would be nice.