UISCale slider

This isn’t a massive bug or anything, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the UIScales not changeable atm, is there anyway I can change it via the console? And I don’t mean the old console commands like ‘UIscale’.

Rust folder, cfg, client.cfg

Already done all that, also checked reg just incase there was a stored value in there.

I have this very same issue, cfg file shows what I have in game, but nothing changes when sliding up and down.

I have the same problem. I play with the user interface scale set at 0.60, but since the patch on 9/17 the user interface has been huge regardless of what I have it set to. Changing the setting doesn’t change anything. I’ve tried using different resolutions and using windowed mode but it doesn’t have any effect. It was annoying at first but I’ve gotten used to it.

I run on windows 10 with this issue, but others on the same server with windows 10 does not have the problem, now a complete reinstall of Rust doesnt help either. I will try and run the game in DirectX 9 mode and see if that sorts anything.