UK 1 Down.

I only hope that this is the right place.

Uk 1 server has been down for quite a while now.
Last night it glitched out a lot.
Then it kicked everyone and stopped letting people reconnect (However, it still displayed people inside?)
Then today it dissapeared from list.
Anyone know why?

The server is down since yesterday 11pm and I d’ont see it in the list anymore…

We are planning with my friends to play on UK 2 if the server doesn’t come back.

Add me on steam: Nicolas_7_5

Any news?

sounds like what happened to all of the no pvp server and has slowly been happening to the others. Its like facepunch is totally unaware of the status of the official servers or they jsut dont give a shit. There have been countless posts on the matter fro the last month and a half. Facepunch clearly doesnt give a shit, say good bye to all of your hard work.


UK 2,3,4 and Belgium are offline now too. what’s happening?? :frowning:

Probably just restarting or installing new updates,