UK 1 items dissapearing.

I currently have a closed shelter with a metal door, i also have a outer wall and everything was still intact.

When i came back from hunting 3 of my storage boxes was suddenly empty and both my sleeping bags was gone.

my furnace and workbench was still there and one full storage box was still remaining.

Shelters are very small, might’ve been possible looting the boxes fromthe outside. I wouldn’t recommend using a metal door on a shelter as the shelter can easily be melee’d down.

Here a list of what i’ve lost.

2 sleeping bags.
1 9mm
230-240 sulfur
140-150 metal fragments
68 clothes
30-40 arrows
30-40 blood
60-70 metal ore
130-140 cooked chicken breast.
500 torches

Losing your items to a raid is one thing, but this is just ridiculous.

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Sorry i just called it a shelter, i have naturally built it out of countless of wood planks.

And nope i just tested the entire building, nothing can be looted from the outside, besides they have to breach the outer wall first to get near my house.

could be a no cliper since i had happen the same thing with my 1x1 house