UK 2 all stuff disapeared

So the uk2 server crashing and being off for a few days i could deal with

I was really happy to get back on to realize every single thing i did in the past week is gone! all the foundation, all the walls, all the metal doors, all the chests and everything in the chests! my 2 backup huts are gone and everything inside them gone, The storage i had hidden in a random house that no 1 has found in a week was gone, my inventory got rolled back, the hatched i had was gone, all the 100’s of wood is gone but i have some random ass ores and 5 meat which I didn’t have when it crashed… But I wouldn’t of had that in that area because i build the hut 1st…

This is a killer problem and i hope you can stop this from happening again, it really kills the mood… Sure if u wiped the server i can live with it but now i have to get hunted by all the bandits i feared from teh start and i’m going to have to grind and grind again… the fun is just gone… every bandit that kills me and i realize i have nothing is just going to kill me

So i’m going to stop playing until there is another server wipe i think

You’re complaining that an alpha that will have wipes on occasion has a wipe? If it kills the mood for you wait till full release.

Get over it really. Since I started playing I’ve had a house for a total of about 4 days and I’m playing for a few weeks now. Grinding is not boring in Rust unless you have a silly ambition of building a tower. If you don’t run near big structures or gunfire sounds then you’ll be fine with dying.

not really complaining, simply saying when the server crashes people that are online can lose all their progress ever which is a very big bug, I even said, I’m going to take a break and come back after a wipe but i decided to just try my luck in another part of the world

I’m not trying to sound like i’m complaining… but I’m saying this is a killer problem and hope they do something to prevent it in the future, that was it, I actually decided to go on the server and built my base in a better place

That’s a legit bug report, not sure why ur getting flamed.