[UK] 24/7 RuSTUK |TP|SetHome|EcoMOD|NoDecay|NoDurability

If your looking for an active admined server feel free to pop in and give us a try, feel free to leave a review here too.

All feedback is Welcomed!

**PVP @ Day
PVE @ Night with Instant Craft
Explosives can only be bought (Expensive) or found in Airdrops.

I have no complaints so far about the balance of things but I’m open always to suggestions.


Airdrop Inbound (Gives you the direction of incoming airdrops)
Airdrop Controller (Allows for multable drops)
Basic Economy (Earn Cash for kills and buy equipment)
Bushy TPA (TeleportRequest)
Jail (5 minutes in Jail for griefing or annoying other players)
Multable Homes (Can set your home and teleport to it)
Protection (Protects New Spawns for set time )
Welcome Kit (Everything you need to get started)
Remove Tool (includes foundations and pillars)
Instant Craft @ Night

Please come check us out…

We currently have about 30+ players online right now.

Steam name: gar3th