UK 4 server question.

Does anybody know why is UK down for 2 days allready? And is timer for decaying stop if server is offline??

Last night ALL uk servers were down… no sign of them at all.

I guess shit happens.

It would be nice to get updates - or just a quick note on here - as to why the official servers are undergoing recent problems. What with them being ‘official’ and, as I understand it, managed by the devs. But judging by usual parlance on this board the answer is likely to be “learn to read”, “it’s an alpha game”, “the devs have better things to do”, “just die, why don’t you”, etc, etc.

Still, it would be nice to know.

I think “the devs have better things to do” is the best choice here. :zoid:

But seriously… I think they’ve pretty much entirely stopped caring about the old branch of the game. They’re putting all of their time and effort into the new one.

Ok i see all your posts are about new branch. And at least half year you will not be able to play new branch. So pls stop hating us who play still old one. Or its better for them to turn off old branch. Man i am on UK 7 months,against all hackers glitchers etc. And i will lost everything bcs they cant sort something in their head. Thred like this and post like this we see every day, bcs of that everyone is pissed off. If they cant make suport for 6-7 servers, for them its better to turn off all of official servers.This what they doing is shame. All of you just dont post here anything about new branch, its joke what they making. I just wanna answer on my questions. Peace.

Why are you worried about losing everything in an alpha? You were always going to lose everything. And you never could know when it was going to happen, thanks to wipes and patches.

Just let it go. Threads like this get made all the time and they don’t solve anything.

^ That’s practically a parallel of life itself, isn’t it? :wink:

I think the reason why people get pissed off is very simple. They invest time/enthusiasm in playing a game they enjoy. Then the game gets axed with no explanation or forewarning (assuming the UK servers have been axed and not just temporarily FUBAR’d).

You can say “it’s alpha” till you’re red in the face. And you’re right. The devs have made clear it’s an alpha game and that things are going to change - that’s inevitable.

But it doesn’t make the process any less painful for people who’ve been having a ball playing on the official servers. I think it’s actually a testament to Rust’s success that people are peeved about their gaming experience being interrupted. That’s not something to be dismissive about. It’s just something that needs to be handled a little more carefully by the devs IMO.

I mean, it’s just a case of posting up a thread with a quick explanation. That would suffice. 30 seconds rattling on a keyboard. Nobody is so busy they can’t mange that, surely?

If I sound butthurt I’m really not. In fact this comes as a blessing. I spend far too much time on Rust when I should be doing other things, like writing music, so this gives me a perfect incentive to take a break and maybe come back if/when the finished product is ready.

So far the Belgium server has been pretty reliable. We switched over when US Central 1 suffered a similar fate a few weeks ago. The official servers are dying one by one. Soon there will not be any left.

Its frustrating to lose progress without warning, but its life.

I am not worried for stuff. How they talking with costumers, you think that will be changed in new branch? NO; its simple, give money and dont ask anything. I can say 90% of people on this forum is under 16 years old and cant understend anything. So everyone here is like sheep waiting 6 days here just for few words, videos of incoming branch. But there is thousends of players who still play old branch, and now you and other guys here think they dont have time for us? Creators of games, admins etc just need to come here on 5 min say something we are working on problem etc. In way like this its just losing players for future buying this game. I saw on some thread “THEY DONT NEED MONEY” all is money.And wait until they spend this what they got wth first alpha. All your 1 year talking about branch will fall in water :wink: Gane will dissapear.

coudlnt have said it better myself.

Well, UK2 is back on. Ruined by decay. Such a shame, but that’s that.

“It’s alpha, get over it”. Yeah, I know :wink:

That’s me done with Rust for a while. I’ll keep an eye on experimental and here’s hoping the new branch gathers sufficient momentum before the current player base moves on to pastures new.

Cheers guys. It’s been a blast!