UK 431 Noobs Playground (Oxide Enabled - PVP - Sleepers) *New Server*

New server for rust expanding out from having only had Dayz servers, We have a website at (will be updated soon with a section in the forums for Rust to allow suggestions complaints and just general conversation)
We also have a 200 slot Teamspeak 3 server that your very welcome to use while on our servers.

So I have seen other server advertisements and allot of them feel like they are trying to sell their server to you, I don’t plan on doing that and will be honest.

The server is new, the map and players where wiped on the 3rd. The admins are active and there is no abuse from them or tolerance for abuse.

There are a few rules, nothing major just pretty standard, 1. No racism or abuse in the chat or on Teamspeak. 2. Respect the Moderators/Admins on Teamspeak/Forums/InGame, The Admins are there to help with issues in game or problems that arise (hackers, exploiters or rule breakers) They are not there to take abuse from people. and 3. Try to keep the language to English in chat (Not really that important but we tend to try keep things on a level field whereby using English in game allows for more people to understand rather than just a select few, if you want to do that you are welcome to use Teamspeak or another voice service.

There are 8 hour restarts in place to keep the server running well.

We have the following mods active on the server.

AntiDecay - Gone away for a few days? Don’t worry, your house should still be there! (Unless it was attacked by those pesky bandits!)
Chat History - Miss something that someone said? Type /history in text chat!
Door Sharing - Wanting to make a house with friends? Type /share NAME in the chat with your friends name and you can! (/unshare NAME then removes this!)
Player List - Typing /list in text chat will display to you all players currently online in the server!
Server Messages - Automatic messages when you or anyone logs in as well as a server message welcoming you to our server!
Crafting Edits - will be in place soon limiting the Explosives to Airdrops only and wont be research-able.
Loot Table Edits - will be making military loot rarer along with making junk loot like piles of wood/planks/stones/metal scraps/metal ore & sulfur ore more common in crates.

So the general information now.

Website -
Teamspeak 3 IP -
Rust Server IP - (You can connect by pressing F1 and typing pasting this, net.connect )

Hope to see you in game or on the Teamspeak soon.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))