[UK] AREA51 Server (200 Slots w/ 200 slot voice comms)

AREA-51 GAMING GROUP - Multiplay[UK-A51-Sleep/PVP]

Server Browser Name:

Connection IP:
(press F1 to bring up console in-game)

London (UK)

Maximum Player Slots:

Area-51 - Playing the game the way it’s meant to be played, PvP, fast, lag-free, no admin abuse, and 200 slots so there is no fighting to get into the server. We have a no-wipe policy, only when there is a development wipe will the server be wiped.
Any questions/want to join a community of older (21+ only) gamers, join our newly created steam group @ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/A51GamingGroup

Important Points:
Zero Admin Abuse Policy [no-one in-game has admin powers, issues are brought to an administrative forum]
PvP Focused
Minimal Wipes
No Lag
Low Ping

No Cheating/Exploiting
Report cheaters by PMing the group administrator

200 Slot Mumble Server -

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