UK - Beers and Noobs Friendly Server

Hello Everyone! I would like to introduce a server called UK Beers and Noobs! The server has been up for quite some time now and the staff are all really friendly!
We are a friendly server, PvP is on however there are rules when it comes to killing, We have our own forum page also and we also host events such as a paintball type team event, A PVP Arena and a bunch of other fun stuff, Every event winner will be rewarded with in-game items. and we keep the events fair to all players by providing players with equipment for the event. So players do not loose anything!

Here are the Rules for our server:


Before you can attack someone’s base you have to declare in chat and voice by exclaiming “RAID”!

Base raiding is permitted AT ANY TIME!

Combat logging is NOT allowed! ( Ban-able offence)

You are allowed to kill in self defense and base protection.

Admins are always active, any disputes can be settled via video evidence (post under Report Players)

Air drops are FULL PVP!

If a player is on your land Eg outside your house. Players MUST give 3 warnings to leave before you can attack them.

No Destroying Sleeping Bags during Raids or any time.

No disrespecting admins 1 warning and then a permanent ban.

Keep swearing to a minimum 2 warnings then a permanent ban.

Rad areas are NO PVP… PVP is only Air-drop sites and base raids.

Extortion and holding up players for loot is NOT allowed

And here are our forums:

We really hope to see you at our server :slight_smile: