(UK)Beers and Noobs Whitelisted,Friendly,Rules,PvP Zones,Markets,Quests and Raid Declares.


Please Visit http://beersandnoobs.com To apply to our server.

To join this server manually, Press F1 on the main menu to open the console and type in: net.connect *Must be whitelisted to connect.


No kill on site!

Air drops are FULL PVP until crate is looted!

Do not Complete bountys in KoS Style, Must be killed during a Raid

Before you can attack someone’s base you have to declare in chat and voice by exclaiming “RAID”!

Base raiding is permitted AT ANY TIME!

Combat logging is NOT allowed! ( Ban-able offence)

You are allowed to kill in self defense and base protection.

Admins are always active, any disputes can be settled via video evidence (post under Report Players)

If a player is on your land Eg outside your house. Players MUST give 3 warnings to leave before you can attack them.

No Destroying Sleeping Bags during Raids or any time.

No disrespecting admins 1 warning and then a permanent ban.

Keep swearing to a minimum 2 warnings then a permanent ban.

Rad areas are full PvP with air drops and Raids.

Extortion and holding up players for loot is NOT allowed.

No Symbols or foreign languages allowed in chat or in your game name.

You are NOT allowed to destroy certain property on raids such as Sleeping Bags, Chests, Furnaces, Workbenches and Camp fires.

You are not allowed to grief anyone’s house. That includes building stairs next to someone’s house for easy access to their stuff, or Destroy access to your house by removing stairs to gain access to your upper floors.

Maximum ping allowed is 250, Anything above will be kicked

Maximum height limit is 12 on ground level (*Until Gary fixes the lag on huge structures)

Maximum height limit on a mountain is 4 floors (*Until Gary fixes the lag on huge structures)

Any questions please refer to our site via the live chat or posting in the appropriate form.

Great server so far, friendly admins & helpful players.

Been playing on this server for most of my time on Rust, great server.

This is by far the best server I have played on.

Likewise, nice to see they have added the oxide plugins.

Small core group of players so far, but all appear to be friendly and helpful. Not had any griefing yet (2-3 weeks of playing.)

Yeah a friendly community… Hopefully it keeps the same way, with the new joiners.