[UK] Breaking Rad [Kit|Remove|Admins|PVP|Fairplay]

[UK] Breaking Rad [Kit|Remove|Admins|PVP|Fairplay]


JOIN Breaking Rad:


Experienced Admins.

Extended End Game!

UK and EU Rust Gamers looking for a good place to live, Survive and Fight? Then this is your place.
If your looking for a dependable and lightly modded game play that is friendly to new spawns, then Breaking Rad is your place.
We have tried to make this server as close to real life as we can by including the Remove function without the return of the mats. Why? Because we do not want
raiders to hide how they got in so freely, we dont want base movers to retrun all their materials for free when moving elsewhere, and IRL you can take things with you.

Explosive Charge is craftable, but explosives are NOT. Why? Airdrops become a much more interesting event in themselves and Frag Grenades have a meaning, however we have increased the amount of explosives you get from each AD.

PVP - ON (Regular Events - see more below)
AIRDROPS - ON ( Currently set to 10)
MODS- /remove (removes item but does not return to player), /location, /kit (Sleeping bag, Stone Hatchet, Shack, Door and a Camp Fire)
DECAY – Tool Decay 50%
EVENTS - YES, regular events see below
Noob Friendly - We try hard to teach players the game and shelter them from the advanced players until they are ready for battle.
Wipes - No, Only when required for updates/ or the host
Server Backups- Daily
Sever Reboots- Every day @ 4am to limit inturruption
Clan Friendly - We love clans , the more players we bring into battle the better.
No Admin Abuse - Active Admin , No Spawning , No Teleporting , We will help you meet up with your friends, but dont abuse the option
Suggestions - We welcome suggestions just ask an Admin
Hackers/Cheaters- 0% tolerance for these scum. We improsion these scum in our specially designed floating prison, where they cannot escape, suicide
or teleport for 10 mins and then they are banned!


Grenade Pits
Sniper Towers
Mini Rust - 8v8 or 10v10
Gladiator - Pipe Shotguns, Hatchets
Infection (coming soon) - 1 player is infected. If that player hits another player then they become infected as well
Progression (coming soon) - Kill someone with a rock, get a hatchet. Kill someone with a hatchet, get a Pick Axe and so on until there is 1 winner

We are open to other idea’s as well, so if you would like something let the admin’s know.

Any changes will be communicated via this forums.

Hope to see you on the other side!

Sorry nub mistake. Forgot to add ip ;-p

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Arena Event planned for tonight - Multi-Level Maze with Prizes, like CAKE!! and its not a lie!

Arena event planned for Thursday 13th March starting between 8GMT and 9GMT.

Sniper Village Arena in Teams. Come along for event prizes.

Sniper Village Arena planned for tonight starting somewhere between 8GMT and 9GMT.

Come nakid. All is supplied.

Up for grabs - Air Drop Cannister - Explosives - Materials - or somthing else…

hi, is this server still up and running.

haveing problems connecting.

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hi again, connected ok.

As Steam was messing around last night we are going to run the Sniper Village Event tonight. The more the merrier!!

Its the weekend! Anyone fancy trying out this server to make your home then come along and see what its about!