Hello Everyone,
Hit F1! net.connect

We are happy to announce a new RUST server. My friends and I have played on several servers in the past but either come up against abusive admins or servers that stagnate after only a few days so we decided to start our own server where we can establish a community of like-minded, mature players.

Here is some key information about our server that might interest you:

Server Provider: Multiplay Gameservers
Server Location: London, United Kingdom
Server Slots: 50

Server Features:

  • PVP is enabled

  • Sleepers are turned on as it makes exploring the map more interesting

  • We only deploy air-drops if 3 or more players are on

  • Active admin

  • Door sharing

  • We welcome new players, as well as experienced players

  • Death messages have been enabled so you know who you have killed, vice versa

  • You can see who is currently playing on the server by typing /List

  • Your statistics are available to you on demand if you type /stats

  • There will be no admin’s gifting items to themselves or others. They will play as players.

  • All current admins have access to the server console so can ensure it stays online & working as much as possible, most hours of the day!

  • We plan to expand if interest grows though likely not beyond 100, so it doesnt become overpopulated.

Server IP:
Thank you very much for reading our server advertisement, and if you have any suggestions as to how we could improve our server or any questions, do let us know, we are new and any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

See you in the server,

Bump come on guys we need more regulars.

Hi, I have some questions:
In what ways the C4 is limited (no craft, no airdrop)?
By “No griefing” you mean that building doors and/or celling in other bases is prohibited?