[UK] EconWorld | No Wipe | InstaCraft | Groups

New London Based Server just added! Lots of mods to create a great team and single play friendly server! Server is based on Economy


**[UK] MK-Community | NoWipe | Groups | Econ **


Press F1 and then copy/paste this

Mods available on server:

AntiDecay : This plugin offers a quick way to permanently enable/disable decay on your structures.
AutoCompass: Auto Compass shows the direction the player is facing.
History: Didn’t get that last sent chat? No problem! Just type /history
DaySettings: Long days and shorter nights than the average server makes for more fun
DoorShare: Share your doors with friends and build the ultimate base!
Clip Clap: [AntiCheat] Helps catching sleepbag looters and wall looters.
LimitedExp: With a limited “Explosive Charge” makes it more of a challenge for bandits!
Econ: Earn money to buy the resources you desperately require. Server is based on good priced Econ.
GameTime: Wanna see how many hours and days you played on the server?
Groups: You can create and delete Groups. Also you are able to invite players to your Group. They can accept or decline the invitation.
List: Wanna see who is online? Just use /list
Ping: Wanna check if your ping? Just use /ping
Night Fires: Night Fires allows you to use empty furnaces to add light to your bases (inside or out). Night Fires controls the operation of empty furnaces. At dusk all empty furnaces are turned on. They are kept running until dawn.
Stats: Wanna see how good you are? Wanna check how many people you killed? Just use /stats
R-Remove: Placed a structure wrongly? No promblem, you can now remove single items or remove your whole base using our removal tool.
zdeathmessages: Wanna see who killed who? It will display it!

Playing right now admin is pretty cool guy!