[UK]Epsilon PvP[DoorShare][1/2 Craft][Sleepers][ANTI-Abuse] 20/1


We are setting up a new server as admins because we are very tierd of being on servers where the admins abuse their powers. On our server there is a zero tolerance for abuse from admins, we will be playing legit as the rest of the players. We are here to assist in issues or troubles you may have, and ofcourse to keep the server free from hackers.

** Server is freshly restarted so get in while its still fresh! 23/01!**

  • PvP
  • 100p Server (Will increase if needed)
    ** - ANTI-Abuse and active Admins**
  • Door Sharing
  • 1/2 Crafting Speed
  • Sleepers
  • Private Messages
  • Airdrops at 20 players minimum
  • Occasionally Events
  • Modified loot tables

[UK]Epsilon PvP[DoorShare][1/2 Craft][Sleepers][ANTI-Abuse] 23/1

To join the server, press F1 in the RUST server browser and then type in:


and then enter.

Awesome server, friendly and helpful admins which help you instantly! +8 internets from Mustarn


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Great start, feedback always welcome!

Hello there! Feel free to join us.

We have some new friendly guys who have just joined the server also!

12 players within a hour, come and join us!

Join us on the second day of Epsilon RUST server. :slight_smile:

Everyone get in here, it’s sick as hell! Best server I’ve ever been on, the Admins are actually really cool and they DON’T abuse powers! They help you when you need and actually accept feedback and criticism. Best admins I’ve ever seen, +1!

Awesome server! No admin abuse what so ever. Gotta be the best server I’ve been on so far… Amazing Loot tables too! Actually keeping rare items RARE!

Bumping, Come in and make this server grow, already got some awesome feedback, be part of the start of something great!

Currently 20 players online, next AD will be at 25. :slight_smile:

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Very nice server and friendly people!

Been on the server since it went up and so far its been great. Some friendly player’s and some aggressive players. So nice mix. Admins/Mods are pretty active and listen to feedback. Overall enjoying the experience so far.

Thanks for the lovely comments !

Great second day for the server, great response from the current players!

Hope to see more people dropping by tomorrow!


Good morning bump!

Come and join us in Epsilon Rust PVP.

We have some great people in here now but would still like to see some new faces!


I really like this server, ould be nice to see some new people :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing this game for about 3 days now and I am looking for a new server for me and a couple friends to get set up on. We’re a bit sick of being massively outgeared and under experienced with our basic houses being raided nightly.

The part that got my interest was c4 being rarer. I have no idea how rare it is at the moment by default, but when it’s viable to use on a noob house for 10 chicken wings and a stack of lumber, I feel there’s a bit of a power imbalance.

How is this server for new players? I’m not looking for protection or hand holding, but to come home from work and find my little 2x2 shit-shack still with all 4 walls would be a wonderful novelty.

Also, what exactly comes under “[ANTI-Abuse]”? The gripes I listed above or things like verbal abuse and hacking?

Hey there Mindcide,

The server is very good for new players as we are freshly restarted and the players thats on are very friendly to. But this is a PvP server afterall so there are no rules about killing each other.

The C4 can only be obtained by airdrops, they are researchable tho!

Anti-Abuse means that there is ZERO abuse from the admins on the server, we are here to help and to play the game legit!

And we always take the feedback we get to improve, so you should come on and try! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the swift reply, I think we’ll give it a try if our house has been blown down again tonight.

It being a PvP server is another reason I’m interested. We’re not looking to build a house and RP as lumberjacks, we’re up for combat. I just want to remove the huge discrepancy of power between the players. Honestly, I think it purely being a fresh server will sort this issue out completely.

My in game name is Mindless, so you may well see us online tonight!