[UK/EU] Dead Island Server! Looking for fun players! (Active Admins/ No Admin Abuse/ Oxide/ Fast Craft/ 25/01 wipe)


Warning: Admins have little to no life and are constantly on rust so hackers be warned you will be banned quickly!

Just wanted to throw out a little advertisement for a server me and my friend have started.

I’ve decided to invest in a 100 slot server and admin it myself with my friend. It was started on 25/01 and not many players are on it at the moment so it is practically a fresh wipe. As an admin I play 100% legit as there nothing more boring than cheating (a great way to make a great game stale fast) and servers run on reputation. Admin abuse destroys reputation. Currently still shacked up in a 1x1 house farming wood for my ambitious fort.

We run Oxide mod but try and keep the server as vanilla as possible with only including /who (see how many players are online), /help (displays help message for commands), /location (shows your coordinates to type in online) and a PvP announcement of who has killed who for fresh spawn benefits to keep a list of who they want to destroy.

So if you’re new to “Rust” and you’re looking for a server to play on you’re more than welcome to join ours.


Thank you!

Multiplay | UK/EU | Dead Island | 25/01 | FAST CRAFT | Oxide


Oxide (/who /help /location and pvp announcements)

2 - Non abusive


P.S: Hackers banned ASAP after investigated accusations!


Great server, friendly community with approachable and always present admins. Just needs more people to support it and get on there!

Server just wiped in preparation for more players. Come join the fun. 28/01. Won’t be wiped frequently so cement your place.