[UK/EU] Oxidize [PVP/Sleepers/No crafting modern weapons or Explosives/No Admin Abuse] NEW SERVER! Started 2/2/14

Rust Server IP:

Press F1 ingame and enter net.connect —> This will connect you straight to the server.

We are a brand 100 slot new server promising and providing the following:

  1. No admin abuse! We are a team of strict and fair admins. 100% no hacking policy.
  2. Fresh start on a fresh server setup the way we feel Rust is supposed to be played.
  3. Running rare military weapons.
  4. Doorsharing. (Use Code on Door or /share “Players Name”)
  5. C4 craftable but not researchable/ Explosives not craftable or researchable only find/loot.
  6. Custom loot spawns using 'Rusted Hatchet" Loot table currently.
  7. Enjoyable server for those that prefer more survival tactics instead of all out gunplay where not everyone has an M4 and 50 C4 in their stash!
  8. Fantastic PvP balanced around making it more skill based and longer lasting.
  9. Airdrops at 30+ players.

Adding more mods as time goes on, taking it slow so as to ensure balance is kept in-line, If something is out of balance it is noted and potentially limited.

Epic battles and great escapes await!

Noob/Sleeper friendly.

Much more coming soon!

See here for a full current list of what can and cannot be crafted:

Blocked Blueprints:

9mm Pistol Blueprint
M4 Blueprint
MP5A4 Blueprint
Shotgun Blueprint
P250 Blueprint
Bolt Action Rifle Blueprint
Explosives Blueprint

Blocked Crafting:

9mm Pistol
556 Ammo

Blocked Researching:

9mm Pistol
Explosive Charge
556 Ammo

This is all liable to change should we feel the need to balance in different sectors but we felt we wanted to run a server where you could actually have the hatchet battles you wanted and the hand cannon shoot outs you have desire; also we wanted to ensure that when you actually find a military weapon such as the M4 and stockpile a few bullets you are actually a threat but need to watch your back because someone with guts and a nice pipe shotgun might want to steal that M4 if you are not careful!

I feel as though under these circumstances the gear you gather is worth more than when you can’t simply craft what you want when you want.

As a final note it also means C4 raids have to be done on particular targets not just spam C4 at whatever you want until everyone’s house has been destroyed.

Hope you decide to join us and have fun!

Hope to see you all in-game!

Bump for new players.

Loads of resources about due to low population. Come join the fun :slight_smile:

Server pop is building guys! Join us!


This sounds like an awesome idea for a server. I have been looking for something a bit more balanced. Will definitely check this out.

Bump for new players.

Added new mods just now too e.g. building remover/ and chat history. MORE TO COME!


Excellent Server. Having fun so far.

Thanks! Just hoping more people feel the same and we can all have a damn fine time!

Community is getting bigger slowly but surely and we are also working hard to make sure the community shape the server around what they want.

Bump for new players

I understand joining a low pop server at first may seem ‘boring’ but the more that join the faster others join too! You might as well get a head start!

Right now there are a lot of resources up for grabs since we still have a low population. Being able build a decent base before the population increases is always a plus.