[UK/EU] Rust Europe - Oxide|No Abuse|Custom Mods|Friendly|Limited Sleepers|PVP|

**[UK/EU] Rust Europe - Oxide|

Wiped 09-03

|5 Min Sleepers|PVP| - RustEurope.eu**


Rust Europe is a fairly new server running the Oxide server mod. We’ve only released the server a couple days ago.
With a server hosted in the UK we are primarily targeting players within or near Europe, however, everyone is more than welcome!

We got various scripts running, most of them are scripted by me, hence we don’t need to wait for third party developers to update their scripts when there’s a bug. We’re also aiming to differ from other servers.
Suggestions can be suggested on the forum, if a suggestion gets positive feedback from the community we’ll most definitely add it to the server.

About our server:

  • Friendly, no abusive and helpful admins. Our admins don’t have powers that may give them an advantage over the “normal” players (except for the server leaders, me and Scotters, we won’t abuse though). All the admin actions are logged and checked quite frequently. Any admin abuse will be dealt with immediately.

  • Although we don’t have a large amount of players yet, we have some nice and loyal players already. The players make a server successful, hence we have a zero tolerance policy for trollers, flamers and people who are trying to ruin the fun for other players.

  • Our server is noob friendly. New players get a cool starter kit which is not too overpowerd but gives you a nice package of items to get started with. We have choosen not to implent any kind of “noob protection”, we did this on purpose, we think that Rust is a survival game and it shouldn’t be too easy to play (you’ll get bored very quick then).

  • We only allow English in our main chat, however, you can use non-English in the voice chat, local chat or private messages.

  • Unless an update or bug requires a wipe or whenever the majority of community votes for a wipe, we won’t wipe the server.

  • We have reduced the droprate of weapons and ammo slightly and removed C4 completely from the airdrops, you can however craft C4 with the explosives you get from airdrops.

  • Our server can handle up to 50 players (We’ll add more when needed!). We also got a TeamSpeak server which is actively used by our community members.

  • We have enabled sleepers for 5 minutes. This means your character will stay in-game for 5 minutes after you leave the server. This is mainly to prevent people from combat logging.


  • Private messages
  • Door share, share your doors with your friends
  • Remove tool, to remove your own structures
  • Starter kit for new players
  • Killmessages
  • Reduced crafting time
  • Chat history
  • Reward system for killing animals, you basically get a small reward for killing an x amount of animals, the more you kill the better the rewards get
  • Leaderboard, shows who killed the most players and animals
  • Stats, shows the statistics of other players
  • Local chat, enables players to chat with other players nearby.
  • … Much more (comming)!


We’re doing random events quite frequently. Here’s a screenshot of our arena:


For a full list of commands use /commands in-game.
Any suggestions? Join the server, register on the forum and get involved!

Join our TeamSpeak server as well: or teamspeak.rusteurope.eu


Visit our website