Tired of being Killed on sight, abusive admins, or russians controlling the server.
Then join “FRESH 13/09 | UK/EU | Drops | No Decay | 1/4 Craft | No Dura” We are A freshly wiped Server, already with a small regular player base.
Comprised of many nationalities, currently including English, Dutch, French, Argentinian + more.
Mature, Fair and Active Admins. No Griefing.
We are looking to expand and welcome new players and experienced alike.
The Server is modded to include, Arrowretrieve (arrows given back after use) 1/4 Craft, No Decay, No Dura, with some useful Starter kits!
We have Dedicated Server Hosting, so server is live 24/7.

Open the rust console with ‘F1’ Then type **net.connect **
This will instantly connect you to our server!

There is no Decay so you dont have to worry about actioning your base every single day.
We offer “Remove” So you can remove pesky pillars, and reorganise your base easily!
This is used by typing “/remove” then hitting the object to be removed.
Sleepers are on.
We have airdrops, when enough players are online! (Working & Not bugged)

We hope you decide to come and join our community!



Hey people! It is a nice server with an active admin and some regular players. It might look a little quiet due to the holidays but nice things happen. A while ago there was actually a war between the English and the French, it was very funny to see from the sidelines. If you decide to join and stay, I’ll help you research some stuff and give you some wood to build your house. I’m also making a little place where I’ll regularely be dropping things I don’t need but might be valuable to new players.

This is a great server and some friendly people online. Get on it people. Just keep away from my house :slight_smile:

thanks guys :slight_smile:

We have had alot of new players over the past few days, more are still welcome though!
We have been making video’s and still holding the occasional BBQ :dance:


Looking for more new players!

Come on people, it’s a great place to develop or be a gamechanger. There aren’t so many bandits so you’re either very safe to do your thing and if you’re a bandit, there is actually some loot to go around!


Bumping again.