[UK/EU]Wiped 28.05.14, PVP,Vanilla,Active admins,Airdrops

Welcome Rusties

Last Wipe: 28.05.2014

Hey guys, thanks for showing interest in the server! Please visit and join our Steam Group [The Mush Server] this isn’t required to join the server but very much appreciated. The purpose of this Group is to further allow the Admin(s) of the server to communicate with the players ensuring for the best possible experience. Please note that yes the server has mods but nothing game breaking i.e. mods such as PM or Admin tools to help fix grieving or even our /report command. There are many admins on the server who are happy to help with you and the problems and experience you may face during playing eg you need a wall removing, an admin will need proof it is your wall first, however we would be happy to remove it and for you to feel happy and to play the server

How do I connect?
#1 Start Rust
#2 Hit F1 [If console doesn’t open, run the game in Windowed Mode]
#3 Copy and paste the following net.connect

#4 Hit enter and it should connect.

Irreversible griefing / Griefing / Camping - bannable
Raiding yes - Camping no, Learn the difference
Hacking - bannable *
Admin abuse - bannable *
Exploiting the game - bannable
Impersonating/Changing name to an Admin - bannable *
Refrain from Racism
Sexual harassment - bannable
Keep in-game chat in English - Use PM if you have to

Current Server Config
PVP: Enabled
Sleepers: On
Airdrop at: 20
Durability: 0
Day length: Default
Night length: Default
The server config has been decided by the players.
To be part of the change join the steam group and vote!
Please submit your ideas on our Discussions page.