[UK] Fresh Server - RaidHouse (explained below) - MassAirdrop/NoDecay/PvP/InstaCraft/Admins

Good evening all,

If anyone’s looking for a new server hosted in the UK, please come pay a visit! The IP address is

Here’s what we have to offer that other servers don’t currently:

Raid House!
I’ve implemented a raid house into the server. You may be wondering what I’m talking about and rightly so. Strictly speaking it’s a house that’s free to be raided, thus the name. There is no owner, there is only extremely good loot. What’s the point in this I hear you asking? Well, the chaos that surrounds an airdrop with players rushing to a central location to get weapons/building materials is high risk, high reward, so imagine that ten times over. The raid house will be in a set central location, a maze of doors and puzzles for you players to overcome. As you progress through each room and each floor the quality and quantity of the loot will progress, all at the same time as risking the gear that you bring with you to take down walls/defend against other raiders competing with you. If you’re intrigued by the idea then why not come and take a look for yourself? The first raid house will be completed 1 week from posting this, so come to the server early and prepare yourself for the carnage! Please note that if you’re late to the party then don’t worry, as raid houses will be destroyed and rebuilt every few weeks in new locations to present players with dynamic challenges.

Here’s a few other features we have that you may be more familiar with:
Instant crafting (No more waiting for those foundations to build!)
Mass Airdrops (More loot per drop and more frequent drops!)
No decay (Got a busy week ahead of you and won’t be able to log in? As long as you have built defences they’ll still be there when you come back!)
PvP (Speaks for itself!)
Admins (There will always be a friendly admin logged in to assist with any queries you may have if you’re new to the game, to provide armed assistance against those newbie-killing bandits, and punish any pesky hackers that may appear!)

Hopefully you’ve not been bored to death by the lengthy read and with any luck we’ll be seeing you in-game soon!

Happy raiding,