[UK] Galvanized Rust Server: Sleepers/PVP/Door Share/Un-Craftable C4/Group and private chat/Balanced Loot Tables/Friendly Mature Admin


Hi guys, after playing on many different servers with many different problems we decided to make our own server, we got tired of servers with admin abuse, servers with so much c4 about you stood no chance.

New Galvanized Rust! UK Based Rust Server! 21/01/2014

Door Sharing!
Private Messaging!
Player Groups with Private Group Chat!
Un-craftable C4 (still acquired by other means just cannot be crafted)
Active Admins (Admins are mature and older and are dedicated to hosting a great server, so no need to worry about any kind of power abuse)
Balanced loot tables based on modified Oxide official tables
20% Faster Crafting!
Server wipes will only happen if their are major updates that require a server wipe, until the game goes live we cannot offer a server with no chance of wiping, but will only happen if it HAS to.

we have made M4’s, Bolt Action Rifles, Shotguns and the P250 slightly harder to acquire (Blueprints only and lowered drop rate) so hopefully people need to rely on the other weapons more and take more care with the military weapons once they are acquired.

The server is hosted by Multiplay

You can connect to our server by pressing F1 when you open the game and then typing or copying the following into the console

We have a Mumble server you’re more than welcome to use also

Feel free to join our Steam Group (Galvanized Rust Server) (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/galvanizedrustserver) we are happy to hear and help with any problems or suggestions you have.
We base the server on user feedback so if you join our steam group and make any suggestions about anything you feel needs changing it will be considered

Hope to see you soon


Military grade weapons are much harder to find. Making the game more challenging rather than just being able to find gear so easily. Since this is a survival game high grade items & blueprints should be valued more by players rather than just being able to craft another.

Server has a low ping, non abusive admins that won’t teleport people to each other or ban for players own views. Be great to see more players join and have a good time.

Bought Rust last night and my first few hours were on this server. I will be returning to continue my efforts building a wooden fort and killing defenceless pigs as the game seems fun and everyone was helpful by teaching me how to craft etc

Yeah server is coming along well, there’s a lot of new faces and it seems to be filling up at a nice pace!

Been playing on here since opened, good admins and good players. see you there.


Was on this server yesterday with a friend of mine and every one seemed friendly. Hope it gets more people on there, it deserves it.

Thanks KBK, we really do need to grow our population, come check us out guys :smiley:

Once the server hits 20 online players that’s when airdrops will come, and the fun begins!
That number will increase as the server becomes more populated.

One of the best servers yet :smiley: It has a lot of friendly people and a lot of of potential :smiley: Keep it up guys :smiley:

come check the server out guys, we run the server on player feedback, whatever the players want (majority voted) you will get :slight_smile: we’re always testing out new things and ways to improve the game play and interactivity, come join and give us your suggestions to help make the best server out there!

We have added a bounty plugin, you can place bounties on peoples head using the Oxide Economy plugin

Good stable server with active admins, no abuse, worth playing on!

Come join guys, theres only a few bits of c4 floating about in the server so far, so u will still be safe and have a chance to setup ur base, for now… :wink:


good games, come on people

Bump! :smiley: