**Rust ++server with door share **

and we have just wiped wiped today at 17/01

Hi i would like to invite you all to our server we have 150 slots, we where one of the first rented servers and did have a good population.

We never spawn items for players and never interfere with game play.

Exploiters,Glithcers,aimbotters are banned when we find them.

our Ip is

Please visit our website and register

Our population has diminished over the last month and we would like to see you all back.



bumpy for our great server

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wiped today

Oxide door sharing now available

we need you :stuck_out_tongue:

still need more we are getting back to decent player lvls thx guys

Door sharing working again, please come join

We now have a web site

Having a blast please come join

please dont forget us

still here Garrys version

We are now a rust ++ server and we wiped today

Currently about 50 people online, server has just been wiped, now is the time to bring all your friends and start fresh on this awesome server. Legit admins are enforcing this server preventing hackers from interrupting our farming.

This server shows global killing messages upon a PK, what else could you wish for? Door sharing included too!


we wiped yesterday its a perfect time to join us

Hey guys I have to ask one thing : How much time are you online(the admins) ? Some servers have admins 24/7 . I’m really looking for a good srv and this might be it , but that’s the last concern and also the most important to me at least .

Idont think many server really do have admins 24/7 most of us work for a living we on garrys server do cover most of the 24 hour clock. and if ther is a real problem we can be reached on the website quickly.

come join us we are all having lots of pvp