[UK] Griffs New Casual Server, Anyone Welcome To Join

Our Steam group Griffs have made our own server and anyone is welcome to join! We are a casual server, so if you just want to have fun and not be killed 24/7 by random people (we are NOT a hardcore PVP server) then come join our server, we have friendly Admins who will help you with any problem you have!

If you want to find out more please check our site for more info!

Sleepers: On
Admins: 2
No Mods
Airdrops at 1 player


  1. No hacking! You will be found out and banned instantly!

  2. No home stealing! i.e placing doors inside another persons home.

  3. English only in the chat please, we understand that not everyone is English but it is helpful to everyone if they speak English in the chat.

  4. No flaming / aggressive behaviour to other players, doing so may result in ban.

Server IP:

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Edit: Added the rules from the server and some extra information.


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We are busy with making an arena for a special event, more info is on the way.


The arena is finished, we will use it when we get some more players in the server.