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  1. PVP Enabled

  2. Groups plug-in. Enabling you to work with other people using a private messaging system.

  3. Minimal Wipes.

  4. We listen to your feedback! Suggestions welcome via the website iplayrust.co.uk

  5. No admin abuse. Friendly and approachable.

- Restart every 4 hours.

Current Plug-ins (13-02-2014)



Anti-cheat from Facepunch

Airdrop Frequency Controller (2.2)

1 Drop per hour - Minimum of 15 players.

Anti-Decay (0.1)

Your building will not decay.

Base Alarm (1.2)

You will get up a pop-up notification to inform you someone is attacking your base.

Chat History (1.2)

type /history to view the last 20 chat entries.

Game Time (1.4)

Type /time to get the current time in game.

Skills & Perks (0.2.2)

Earn a bonus for killing things and not dying.

Sticky Notes (1.1)

Leave a message for other people to find and read!

Market (1.0.9)

Market enables a dynamic, player-driven economy - players can choose at which price they want to sell their resources, weapons, etc, instead of having the prices dictated by an admin.