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Hey guys!
This is a brand new server. We were sick of abusive admins and being kicked and banned because we shot them.
We are a friendly bunch of people, we like pvp but we will not shoot freshspawns for no good reason. Currently we are all split up on the server and we fight each other. So if you join the server, there will not be a bunch of admins in kevlar with a huge metal base. We will only group up once we have enough people on the server so we can have some healthy pvp’ing going on! We have built an arena for some fun without the risk of losing your stuff (1v1 tournaments for example with the chance of winning something nice ;D). This thing is way off the grid and we will tp people there who want to join the fun. We will be having more fun things to do, but for now we just want YOU to join the server!

We will not take hackusations lightly. Don’t say someone is hacking simply because they headshotted you. Do not cry at the admins because someone you claim is hacking isn’t getting banned. We will deal with hackers our own way, and if it takes a little while so be it. If we have enough proof and we are sure that someone is hacking, they WILL get banned.

We will not allow griefing. Griefing to us is: destroying stairs and placing a ceiling where the stairs used to be, destroying walls and placing pillars so it cannot be rebuild (or anywhere in a base that is not yours for that matter), locking someone in their own base so they can only get out through suicide. We do allow the building of stairs next to bases to get to the roof and all that, seeing as people can protect themselves from that. C4’ing and all that is allowed.

If you have any questions, just ask them in the chat (or down below) and we will be more than happy to help you :slight_smile:

You might want to advertice your server a bit more, me and 3 friends play on here but there is no-one else.

ye we are going to do that soon. You might want to play on a different server for a couple of days, we had some personal stuff come up that interferes with us playing right now :C