[UK] Irish Rust [Wiped 1/23] PvP - Airdrops (5) - 1/4 Craft - Door Sharing - Rare Items - 50 Slots

Irish Rust

+50 player slot server

+ACTIVE RESPONSIBLE ADMINS (making sure your play is fair and fun)

+OXIDE MOD (Adds Lots Of features, Making monitoring players and Banning players a Breeze. PROPS TO THE MAKERS OF OXIDE!)

+DOOR SHARING ( Enable your Friend(s) to use the same door, No more big bases with a million doors!, Guide to use the Addon Below *)

+PRIVATE MESSAGE ( Send a message in-game to a specific player type /help for list of commands in-game)

+CHAT HISTORY (View the last 20 messages said in global chat, type /help in-game for command)

+BALANCED SPAWNS (Very well balanced spawns, making military gear and c4 very rare, this is real rust, hardcore stuff!!)

+PVP ON (With Military Weapons Disabled Id like to see Crazy Bow Fights over Airdrops Guys!, The Thought Of the Madness! Makes Me Tingle!)

+QUARTER-CRAFT (Crafting Time Lowered By 75%, Ain't nobody Got time For that!!)

+AIRDROPS ON (airdrop minimum set to 8, This prevents players staying on late to try to get rare items)

+PLAYER LIST ( Type /list when in game)

To Connect Manually to the server, after you open the game, do the following:

  1. Press F1 to open console

  2. Copy and Paste this: net.connect into the console

  3. Hit Enter

  4. Try and get though your first day!

Ip Changed guys!