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I’ve recently purchased a 100 slot UK server for the sake of building a friendly server based around community ethics and simple fun.

Why my server?
I’ve noticed there are not that many UK based servers with a lot of the addons etc. that me and a few of my peers look for so I’ve decided there may be potential for a populated server.
Apart from the features listed below what we have to offer is simple: Straight forward, fun, relaxed gameplay and a friendly atmosphere, D**ks are not accepted.
Server has been wiped after being configured as of 26/02/2014

What addons do you use?
Currently, as of 26/02/2014 we have:
Airdrop controller - Airdrops are set to one every 60 minutes if the player count is above 5 (Open to experimentation depending on various inputs and feedback)
Door sharing
Friends & Enemies
Basic + Advanced Economy
Basic starter loadout
Bounty using the Economy currency
Optional PVP

(Possibly) To be added depending on feedback
Weekend events such as player hunting, mass raids of bases constructed by admins then manned by a random team of players)
Mass Airdrops
Regular/respected member loadouts
Pvp Arena
Custom loot tables

  • More depending on player demand!

All in all it’s just a simple server with a few of my favourite addons, feel free to drop in and say hi, we look forward to seeing you!

More to come as the server develops!

**Server IP:

Admin list**
dont buy dayz
smokey green

We’ve had some traffic on the nights and there’s a few bases coming on along nicely, I’ve added a raffle which cost 100 to opt in, the sum of all being the reward + a random weapon with full attachments slots!