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Welcome to the LabGaming, This is a new server as of 12/02/14.

Check out or website @ labgaming.co.uk for the latest server updates.

Join our teamspeak @ coming soon!

Server thrives with an average of 30+ players everyday

We have a 100 Player Cap to keep clutter down and to allow a better experience with the size of the map vs number of players. Raiding is allowed and there are wooden shelters placed around the map with loot to encourage players to explore and knock down wooden doors. This is a PVP Server, most of the current players are friendly but remember, this is rust and no one should be trusted. Griefers and hackers will not be tolerated and will be kicked and or banned As we see fit. Our main goal for this server is to provide a rich experience to the player while keeping the nonsense out.

We hope to see you in the LabGaming soon!

To join us Press F1 In-game and type in net.connect or [UK]LabGaming.co.uk|Oxide|PVP|Economy|Groups|Shop|TP|Kits|

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