[UK] Mad for it Gaming | 2x Airdrops & Half Craft | Econmony | Oxide | More | New Server 24/7 Admins | 200 Man

Hey guys, just posting this as me and a group of friends & our Community have bought a Rust Server.

  • New Server from 19/01/2014
  • Shop - Updated and Running!
  • Oxide
  • Door Sharing
  • Sleepers On
  • PvP
  • Friendly Admins On 24/7 (Myself, Wynny, Jonny ) Also Looking For Moderator and Helper on server.
  • Zero Tolerance towards cheaters or hackers
  • Airdrops On 5 Players
  • 200 Player slots
  • Half Craft
  • Player list
  • Chat history
  • private Messages
  • Bounty
  • Economy
  • Remover tool ( cant delete remove Pillars + ceiling etc ) ( admin only )

We have Loads of new Lua and other Plugin on the Server to Enjoy and more coming Everyday

I hope to see you guys in the server and around the Community.





BUMP :smiley:

I got an erection from reading this. Time to test this server out…

Will post honest review of positives and negatives later.

Oxide and all Plugins up to date!


Pros. Friendly Staff
ZERO Admin abuse
Brilliant shop “system”
Bounty system.
Always prompt with RUST updates
Half Crafting time (who REALLY wants to wait for like 5 minutes to craft a door lol)
Mumble server (not many peeps on there atm but a great addition to the server)

Cons. No free cookies
Limited players (c’mon people i REALLY need some allies here lol)
Not enough hours in the day (IRL i mean xD)

Take a chance, who knows you might like it!!!

Needs some fresh blood…