[UK] [MCH] PvP/Sleepers/Welcome Kit/Mature,Active Admins/Air Drops/Events/All Welcome

Hello Everyone,
Hit F1! net.connect

We are happy to announce a new RUST server. We’ve played on several servers in the past but either come up against abusive admins or servers that stagnate after only a few days so we decided to start our own server where we can establish a community of likeminded, mature players.


Here is some key information about our server that might interest you:

Server Provider: **Multiplay Gameservers **
Server Location: **United Kingdom **
Server Slots: 50

Server Features:

  • Started on 17th Feb. No wipe yet. Don’t be put off, there’s plenty friendly players & lots of space to build!

  • PVP is ON

  • Sleepers are ON

  • Cheatpunch is ON

  • Hackers/Cheaters banned promptly!

  • Air Drops when 6 + Players Online. (Adjusted to average player base)

  • Chat History -** /history** lets you see the last 20 messages in chat!

  • Door sharing using /share

  • “Community Housing” – Admin created huts for new players to camp in or old players to rest in!

  • LOOT Cabins – Admin created Cabins filled weekly with loot or just beans  hidden around the map!

  • Death messages have been enabled so you know who you have killed, vice versa

  • You can see who is currently playing on the server by typing** /List **

  • New players are given a small Welcome kit to get them started!

  • Private messaging your friends using **/pm **

  • Events! – Hunger Games style Events currently in testing - Voluntary

  • Help messages in chat regularly provide info on commands, Events & admin contact info etc.

  • We welcome new players, as well as experienced players

  • Active admins with Email contact

  • Server Website with Forum & links to server status updates. http://MilkCookiesHandcuffs.com

  • Player opinions/suggestions welcomed!

  • There will be no admin’s gifting items to themselves or others. They will play as players.

  • We plan to expand if interest grows though likely not beyond 100, so it doesnt become overpopulated.

Server Name: Multiplay [UK] [MCH] PvP | WelcomeKit | Active, Mature Admins | Airdrops | Events | All Welcome
Server IP:

See you in the server,