[UK] Multiplay | NEW | Oxide | Sleepers | Active & Fair Admins | Air Drops | Noob Friendly | 50 Players

Hi all,

Advertising our new server that has been up and running for a day or so now. We have a few regular players and are just looking for more people to join the community!

Rust Oxide Mod
Private Messaging
Friends/Enemies List
In game FPS Booster
Group Function
Door Share
Admin Ticket System
Air Drops with location announcements (dependant on the number of players online, currently set to 10)
Cheat Punch
No PVP restrictions
50% Craft
No decay

MORE COMING WITH INPUT FROM PLAYERS! It’s your server, have your say!

Cheating & Hacking of any kind will not be tolerated. All reports will be investigated thoroughly.

Please come and join us and play the game your way, PVE, raiding, PVP.

To join - Open Rust > Press F1 to bring up the Console and paste in the line below.






Fixed bug that was causing hand stone to vanish for some players


Come play :slight_smile: