[UK] Multiplay :: World's End [ PvP | Sleepers ]


Welcome to the World’s End (Great name for a pub… :wink:)

A newly set-up server for all your Rust needs… whether you’re the survivalist recluse who lives in the mountains or the psycho murderer who stalks their pray at night, there’s always a spot for you on here!

We have a nice gaggle of Admins who frequent the server, so griefers/hackers need not apply! They don’t and won’t abuse their powers.

WARNING: If you don’t enjoy having your doors blown in or potentially being shot on sight then this won’t be the server for you.

Server IP: net.connect
Slots: 100
Features: PvP On / Sleeper On / Normal crafting time / No Explosives / Limited C4
Mods: Oxide

Patched and back online however connectivity is still sketchy due to the DDoS attack.

Servers up and currently not under attack (Seems to occur around 2pm UK)

Patched again and we’re up and running :slight_smile:

Server patched however there seems to be a bug with high CPU usage. Will post when resolved.

Another patch and we’re back up and running. Come join us :slight_smile:

Got a nice crowd on the go now and some more users wouldn’t hurt! Feel free to have a blast :slight_smile:

Hey MaNuAl, finally found your thread in the ocean of server threads.

Really enjoyed playing on your server, I will be back at some point to build a new base. Have a go at the old one, you will need to go through a minimum of 10 metal walls/doors to get to the stash (unless Skonex decides to finish it then there will be more) and that’s only if you get very lucky and pick the shortest route. It’s my challenge to you sir :slight_smile: unfortunately I am burned out a bit after a minute of lag caused the loss of my best kit - so I probably won’t be on for a little while.

Just to put everyones mind at ease on this server there has been very minor lag once or twice a day (real days not game days) due to the ongoing moronic attacks on steam and server providers but since i bought the game 7 days ago I have roughly 60 hrs logged and for the greater part have been totally unaffected, on this server at least.

See ya when I’ve cooled off a bit :smiley:


Thanks for the message Sammi :slight_smile: Multiplay have put some counter measures in, so we should be back to lag free gaming :slight_smile:

Back to the top! Come on folks, come join us :slight_smile:

BTT :slight_smile:

Suicide fix (Temp) has been applied

We now have Oxide installed :slight_smile:

More patches and we’re back up and running :slight_smile:

More patches applied :slight_smile:

Still looking to make this a popular server! Come on folks, give it a go :slight_smile:

Removed Explosives from the loot table and removed Explosive Charge crafting. EC’s are still lootable but lowered the amount obtained in AirSupply drops (1-3)

Been playing on this server for a few weeks now and really like it, admin regulate the server very well and to be honest it’s been good fun.
There are now quite a few regular players on and a very friendly atmosphere (even when we’re killing each other).
Advice and help are always at hand if your a newbie to the game as well.
I can highly recommend this server to everyone, and with the new changes it’s a much needed improvement to the game.