[UK]: MurderRustRespawn |VANILLA|NO VAC BAN PLAYERS| NOOB FRIENDLY - Wiped 2/2/2014

Press F1 in game menu and paste > net.connect

Server Name: [UK]: MurderRustRespawn|Noob Friendly|Wiped
Slots: 100

Admin Steam Name : mintR1990

At MRR we are building a Rust Community for players looking for a stable server, and something they can truly call home.

We have our own website dedicated to community interaction via our forums.

Our admin team is very experienced and know what to expect when a cheater report comes in, with over 500 hours in-game within the team so far. We aim to give you the best Rust experience possible.
Hope you take the time and give the server a chance to grow!

**- Admins | Active - No abuse

  • Fall Damage - ON
  • PVP | ON
  • DoorShare | 4 DIGIT PIN CODES
  • Sleepers | ON
  • Vanilla Loot Tables
  • Air drops | ON (Air drops are currently set to 15 players)
  • Wipes | Only if Forced too.**


Server is great to play on guys, admin will give you all the info you need!

Freshly wiped, COME AND JOIN NOW!!!

Its a great server.
Also have a website



Friendly Bump!



Will check this out this evening. How many players so far?

There are currently 15+ players on the server, the server growing ^^ most of us are noobfriendly!

Come and have a look guys!

30 players on right now.


Yea server is getting great!

You might want to add that everyone kos’s. I spawned 3 times and had 3 ppl attack me instantly even though i was nude. No chat, nothing. Just in case ppl want to avoid that.

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As its advertised as noob friendly i mean. Otherwise it’s no biggy.

That issue is everywhere. I helped out 3-4 new comers.

I think i killed you , you had a red set. :stuck_out_tongue:

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P.S. 44 players on.

No i didn’t have anything. I literally just net.connected and spawned.

Look im ok with koS’ing. Im just saying that is the worst start on any server i’ve played on since getting Rust a month ago. I also only mentioned it, as you advertise your server as noob friendly, otherwise it wouldn’t have even been an issue. Not even one of them engaged in chat or anything. Just “see player - run - attack”.

I have warned players about KOS for new spawns.

Noob Friendly entitles, Me and alot of others are happy to help new players with questions or places to build.



Still all welcome guys! Server only 2 days old!

50+ Players at peak time yesterday! Great server guys!