UK NEW (08.03) Need Mods & Admins *Oxide*1minSleepers*Rare C4*Starter*AirDrops*1/3Craft*Noob Friendly*

Unknowns Rust Server!!

UK Based Server Brand New Started 08/03

Server IP net.connect

Need more players on the server i have 6 guys who play at the moment.

50 Planks and a Metal doors for each new player!


Minute Sleepers 2Minutes Combat Sleepers
Starter Kits
Door Share
Removal Tool
Rare C4
Cheat Punch
Zero Admin Abuse

I can make my server US Basesd if i get enough players from there too.


Your ad says needs mods and admins, I would love to be an admin! I have plenty of time invested in the game and play fairly frequently!

Send Email to with abit about your self :slight_smile: I will be online in a few minutes

Alright! I just sent off an e-mail :slight_smile: