[UK] New Eden PvE - Free build // No C4/Grenades // Oxide addons // Teamwork

This server is for chilling / making friends before hopping into the PvP servers (which I will run some more later)


The idea is that you can learn the crafting/map and then hop into the PvP version of the game with some friends made on this server.

As admin, will help with anything and you can self teleport etc…

Supported commands:-

/list = player list
/kit starter = the basics you need
/tpa player_name // /tpaccept = takes the teleport
/location (should be enabled soon)

Admin can remove misplaced building parts.

Hope to see you soon!

Steam Grp:- http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197974246549/groups/

Add me on steam if you get issues with server - or feedback ideas! - Neurojazz