(UK) Noob Friendly + no grief + oxide

Okay, so heres a little story for you guys. Me and my couple friends, had fucking huge buildings there on the server. We actualy had everything.
we raided many houses as usually, and suddenly admin came to us, and told us that we were walking through windows and doors at a house few days ago.
I said to him that there was no metal bars on the window, and of course he didn’t believe us, told me that there was metal bars, and he said he was stalking us when we started to raid that house.

And i asked him, if we could go to that house and watch if there is metal bars on the window where we climbed in…
After we arrived to the house there was 5? kevlar guys waiting for something, admins told us that they’re raiding the house atm, so we cant go check that window.
We waited for what about, ummm 15mins? they still were just standing there lol. And then they just banned us without saying nothing.

We never had change to rly look if theres metal bars on the windows or not…

And there clearly was no metal bars when we climbed in lmao, empty house and many other windows was missing bars too…

Just wondering why would the 5? kevlar guys raid a empty house, just in the time we’re about to go there… xD

My friend asked them why they banned us without proof or anything, without showing us the truth, and he got banned immediately.