UK official servers down for me or for everyone?

It’s been well over an hour, the servers went incredibly laggy for everyone and now they’re not visible on the server list and suddenly the refresh button does not work (coincidentally).

I know this is an alpha but it really is not hard to set up an IRC or something and keep everyone up to date with what’s actually happening. You already have a twitter page.

1 hour ?, 4 or 5 hours mate.

who is the host of them in the uk then

Yesterday, Auth Failure, today this.

Twitter/Facebook have no updates on why UK servers have shutdown and become unavailable.

7 hours without my Rust Fix.
I would play on another server but already 9 hours into UK 3 (after recent wipe) and I don’t feel like restarting unless it’s a server wip.

I play on UK2 and I too am curious as to what is going on. Some sort of heads up would be nice.

yeah, whatever the problem is, it can NOT be fixed with reinstalling or restarting the game or steam , so don’t give us that shit , you who can join the us central servers

An update on the uk official servs would be greatly appreciated